Jury Service Cover and Legal Protection

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The great freedom of contracting may come with increased risk, which is why Qdos have developed a policy to cover you for some of the legal-related risks involved with contracting as well as the financial impact of being called up for jury service.

The policy is designed specifically with contractors in mind and provides cover for up to £50,000 in legal expenses for a variety of different legal risks applicable to contractors. The policy also includes jury service cover, so if you were called for jury service during a contract, you wouldn’t lose out on your income.

The policy will cover up to £500 per day and a maximum total of £5,000 in the event that you are called up to Jury Service.

In addition to this, the policy provides cover for up to £50,000 in legal expenses in respect of the following (please note that a lower limit applies to certain sections of cover as detailed below):

  • Contract Disputes – up to £5,000 legal expenses cover towards contractual disputes (such as with an agency or client)
  • Debt Recovery
  • Property Disputes
  • Personal Injury
  • Employment Disputes
  • Criminal Prosecutions
  • Wrongful Arrest Defence
  • Health & Safety Prosecutions
  • Data Protection
  • Restrictive Covenants

The policy cover is subject to nil excess as standard where the Qdos-appointed representative is used in the event of a claim.
Should you decide to appoint your own choice of representative (e.g. accountant or solicitor) in the event of a claim, an 'increased excess' of £1,000 will apply.

Please see the full Policy Wording below for more information.

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