Sales Invoicing with Debt Management


Sales Invoicing with debt management Many Contractors view sales invoicing as their most urgent activity, their invoice must be raised in time and in accordance with the terms of their contract or Agency to ensure payment. Our technology and processes specialise in the production of sales invoices whether raised by timesheet or reimbursable expenses we ensure it is raised in terms of your contract avoiding delays to payments of invoices.

How does it work?

  • You provide us with your contract(s) with your client(s), providing rates, submission instructions, Bank account details, and company VAT Number.
  • Contracts may vary but normally include authorised timesheets and reimbursable expenses claim forms with copy receipts required by your client to approve payment.
  • This is emailed to  Submission should be made 48 hours ahead of the invoice deadline set by your client to ensure the invoice is submitted on time.
  • We will email the invoices with back-up direct to your client or as instructed by you.
  • We have provided this invoice service to over 1,000 customers.
  • We also provide a credit control service and will notify you when payment is made and manage your sales ledger.


 Only £200.00 + VAT

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