Contractor Tax Enquiry Insurance

Our Tax Enquiry Insurance provides protection in the event of an investigation by the Revenue Commissioners into the policyholder's tax returns or a dispute with the Commissioners following a routine PAYE or VAT inspection.  The policy provides cover for accountants' and specialists' fees incurred in representing the policyholder throughout an investigation or dispute and protects the policyholder from the expensive bills with which they can be faced following such investigations.


Tax enquiry insurance

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Benefits of cover

This policy will cover up to €10,000 of fees, expenses and other disbursements incurred by the appointed consultant (the policyholder's accountant or other specialist that we have approved) in the event of:

Revenue Commissioners enquiries and investigations

An enquiry by the Revenue Commissioners into the policyholder’s corporation tax or income tax self-assessment return following the issue of formal notification by the Revenue Commissioners.

Employer compliance disputes

A dispute with the Revenue Commissioners following a compliance check or routine inspection into the operation of PAYE.

PAYE, PRSI and USC disputes

An enquiry conducted into the employment status of the policyholder under the PAYE and/or pay-related social insurance (PRSI) and/or universal social charge (USC).

VAT disputes

A dispute following a compliance check or routine inspection undertaken by the Revenue Commissioners of the policyholder's VAT record keeping.

Pre-emptive work

Up to €250.00 towards professional fees for work undertaken by the appointed consultant to mitigate the risk of an insured event occurring, or to mitigate the costs of a claim should an insured event subsequently occur.  Cover is provided at the insurers discretion and in order for costs to be considered it must be evidenced that such action is necessary and will result in the avoidance of an insured event or the mitigation of costs should an insured event occur.

Please refer to the key facts document and policy wording below for the full terms and conditions of our Tax Enquiry Insurance policy.

Sample policy documents

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