Tax Enquiry Insurance: making a claim

If you have received notice of an upcoming investigation by the Revenue Commissioners, or if you are involved, or expect to become involved in a dispute with the Revenue Commissioners, you will need to notify a claim against your Tax Enquiry Insurance policy.
To notify a claim please follow the process outlined below.

1.  Download and print a copy of our Tax Enquiry Insurance Claim Form.  Please note that two versions of the claim form are provided - one to be completed if the policyholder is notifying the claim to Arachas and a second version to be completed if the accountant is notifying the claim.


2.  Complete the claim form and return it to us together with any supporting documentation requested on the form, to:

Martin Adams
9 Eastgate Avenue
Little Island

Or alternatively email a scanned copy of the completed form and supporting documentation to

3.  On receipt of your completed claim form we will review your claim and will provide written confirmation of our assessment of your claim.

4.  If your claim is accepted we will contact your accountant regarding the investigation, to confirm their appointment as your representative and to authorise them to undertake work on your behalf, all covered under the insurance.

5.  Your accountant will represent you in all dealings with the Revenue Commissioners through to conclusion of the investigation or dispute.  If your accountant requires any technical support with the investigation process we will be happy to provide this.

6.  On conclusion of the investigation or dispute your accountant will submit their bill of fees to us and we will arrange payment to them directly.  The policy will cover accountant's and specialists' fees up to a maximum of €10,000.  You will be liable for any costs incurred in excess of the €10,000 limit of indemnity.  If you are registered for VAT you will be responsible for payment of the VAT element of the accountant's invoices.

Our Tax Enquiry Insurance is arranged by Qdos Broker & Underwriting Services Limited, a UK-based insurance intermediary that specialises in the provision of specialist insurance schemes.  Qdos Broker & Underwriting Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom.  For further information about Qdos please click here.

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