Contractor Liability Insurance

We are able to provide competitively-priced Employers' & Public Liability Insurance for contractors.  Further information regarding these products is available below, and you can use the 'Your basket' area on the right hand side of the page to obtain a quick quote and progress through to apply for cover.


Employers' & public liability insurance

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What is it?
Public and Employers Liability Insurance will protect you against claims where injury or death has been suffered by third parties or employees, and claims where you are alleged to be responsible for damage to third party property.

If you are providing your services in an office environment and do not undertake any manual work (e.g. involving tools), your exposure to the type of claims covered under an Employers and Public Liability policy are inevitably low.  With this in mind, Qdos are able to offer appropriately priced policies that will allow you to meet your statutory and/or contractual obligations.

Offshore (energy sector) contractors
The offshore working environment is highly specialised and, consequentially, many insurers choose to avoid offering cover to those providing services in such locations.  Qdos has worked hard to understand the risks associated with offshore work and are able to offer Employers and Public Liability to a wide variety of self-employed workers (including those providing rope access services) at highly competitive rates.

What does it cover?
Public Liability Insurance will react in circumstances where a third party (an individual person, or a corporate entity) brings legal action against you in respect of physical injury, or damage to property, caused by you in the course of your business

If someone tries to claim you have damaged their property or physically injured them in the course of your work, a Public Liability policy is designed to defend your case and, if necessary, pay the damages owed.

Please note that there is a £500 excess for any one claim applicable to Public Liability Insurance

Employers Liability Insurance will react in circumstances where an employee seeks to bring a claim against you for personal injury incurred in the course of their employment with you.

If an employee is injured or killed whilst working for you, you may be required to pay compensation – Employers Liability Insurance will defend such a claim and pay the damages for which you are liable.

Please note that Qdos Employers Liability Insurance cannot be purchased in isolation and is only available where Qdos Public Liability Insurance is purchased.

There is nil excess applicable to Employers Liability Insurance.

Please see the sample policy documents below for the full terms and conditions of cover.

Sample policy documents

The premium shown above is the base, "starting from" premium, and is subject to change depending on the answers provided during the application process.  Please click on 'Get your price' to start the application process.

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