Cyber Liability Insurance

Our cyber insurance package - Cyber AMI - has been designed specifically for SMEs and includes Cyber Liability and Cyber Legal Expenses covers, which provide first and third party covers for protection against the ever-present IT risks faced by modern businesses.

Developed in conjunction with Berea Associates Limited, Cyber AMI is a unique cyber risk solution consisting of modular cyber risk awareness, cyber risk management and cyber risk insurance components. When combined into packages these modules create the most advanced cyber insurance solutions available to SMEs based in the United Kingdom.

Cyber Liability

Comprehensive liability cover underwritten by HCC International Insurance Company plc, providing cover for:

  • Third party cyber business interruption
  • First party system restoration
  • Reputation management
  • Multimedia liability
  • Data extortion
  • Cyber breach crisis management and notification costs
  • Cyber penalty defence
  • Cyber business interruption

Cyber Legal Expenses

Legal Expenses Insurance cover, underwritten by UK General Insurance Limited, covering legal costs incurred in:

  • Disputes with digital marketing agencies, IT providers and cloud service providers
  • Disputes with employees (including former employees) in the even that this misuse the insured's IT systems

Risk awareness and management services

Cyber AMI packages include cyber risk awareness and management tools, providing clients with the ability to manage their risks appropriately.  Some of the services available within the package include:

  • Cyber security guide
  • SafetyNet risk briefing
  • Website certification
  • Cyber HR policy guidance
  • Cyber due diligence
  • Cyber crisis management planning

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