Shooting licence legal & liability insurance

Bulletproof Insurance has been developed by a renowned insurance provider with considerable experience of providing insurance to specialist market sectors.

Personal Liability

Provides cover for you, the shooters, liability for bodily injury or property damage sustained by third parties arising out of recreational shooting activities. It is designed to pay compensation which can include loss of earnings, future loss of earnings and damages awarded to the claimant in addition to your legal cost in defending the claim and the claimants’ legal costs that you incur if you are found to be at fault:

For example:

 Negligent discharge causing injury/death
 Negligent discharge causing property damage

A limit of cover of £10,000,000 is provided as standard.

Legal Expenses

Here is a detailed breakdown of what our insurance includes:

 Refusal to grant or renew a shotgun or firearms certificate
 Revocation of a shotgun or firearms certificate
 Refusal to vary a firearms certificate
 Partial revocation of a firearms certificate
 Conditions imposed on a shotgun or firearms certificate
 Legal costs incurred in an appeal following an air weapon kinetic energy test failure under firearms legislation

Our Legal Expenses Insurance also provides defence cover against criminal prosecution for:

 Possession of a firearm or shotgun without a certificate
 Possession of a prohibited firearm
 Possession of an air weapon, shotgun or firearm in circumstances alleged to be contrary to an exemption in firearms legislation
 Breach of exemptions contained in firearms legislation

Qualifying legal appeal cases will be taken on by our team of legal expert who specialise in firearms law and have an excellent track record of success in appealing certificate refusals and revocations, and in firearms defence cases.

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